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Hewapathiranage Jayamal Sagara Tharanga. This is my full name which is in my birth certificate and the birth place is written as General Hospital, Nawalapitiya. I was born on 2nd of January 1982. I believe and, this is the only day that my mother was laughing when I was crying.

I am the eldest in my family and brother, sister and brother to follow. My mother is a teacher and my father is a signal operator in Department of Railway. I never ever went to a nursery as my brothers and sister did. But we went with my mother to her school which she worked in our early days before we went to school. My elder brother is a shipping executive at Royal Fernwood Porcelain Ltd. My sister is a nurse and she works at General Hospital, Nawalapitiya. My younger brother is a farmer.

I started my school education at Rambukpitiya Maha Vidyalaya which is a few kilometers away from home. My first teacher was Mrs. Weerakkody. Sometimes on the road I meet her and still she could recognize me even I was in her class before 26 years ago. I respect her very much and all the teachers who taught me.. Without their guidance and advice I couldn’t climb such height. Teachers are gods.

Then when I was in grade four I shifted to Ginigathhena Primary School. I had to travel by bus. This was the first time that I was going to school by bus. It took few months to adjust me to the new environment. When the time went by I became familiar to the new school. I got new friends. I was very poor in English at that time. It was very difficult to catch English and my mother having seen my weakness in English, she directed me to an extra class. At that time, to tell you frankly, how good my English was, I only knew how to write my name in English. At the end of the first day of English class teacher gave the dictation. I got “0” marks which meant no single word was correct. This had happened to me several days. Later I slowly began to creep up.

From grade 6 till the end of my school studies I was in Ginigathhena Central College. In year 2000 I left school. After finishing school studies I stayed a few months without doing anything. In 2001 I started to do a Computer Diploma. It was a one-year course and after successfully completing it I got the opportunity to join SLT as a trainee. After completing the training period I couldn’t be a member in SLT family since there was no vacancy to fill. Meanwhile a friend of mine who completed the diploma with me was working for Suntel. One day he called me and asked that there was a vacancy to fill in his division if I liked I could join Suntel. I forwarded a CV to him and after facing the interviews I got the opportunity to join Suntel as a Technical Assistant. After six years of working Dialog and Suntel merged since the company was sold out to Dialog. My designation has changed to Technical Officer.

So finally I am so happy and so proud of myself because of the place I am in now. Especially I respect my parents and my teachers. Without them and their guidance I could not have been able to come up to this level.