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Sri Lanka is the country which has most tunnels between the two railway stations. And also these tunnels are at between Ohiya and Idalgashinna railway stations on the way to Badulla.Distance from Ohiya to Idalgashinna is 8.5 Km.Between this distance there are fourteen tunnels located.

All these fourteen tunnels are built in nineteen eighties and it has more than hundred years history. They used primary technology to build these tunnels. May be they used man power heavily. Also you can find a gun powder repository which used to build these tunnels, few distance away from Ohiya station. It has curve concrete shelter and built with strongly.

In addition to these tunnels there are four small bridges in this area. Front shapes of these tunnels are different from each other. From number 22 to 35 are the tunnel numbers for this fourteen tunnels which in road to Badulla.

Number 26 tunnel is the shortest tunnel out of these fourteen tunnels both height and distance. It known as “Wattakka Bingeya” also. There is a bridge in front of this tunnel. Number 29 tunnel is the longest tunnel out of these tunnels. It is 181.09 meters long. Number 23 tunnel is 140.85 meters, number 22 tunnel is 124.39 meters, and number 34 is 120.73 meters long. Number 28 tunnel is 100.6 meters long. Four tunnels out of these are in same length which are number 25, 30, 32 and 35.It is 80.48 meters. Length of other two tunnels that are number 24 and 22 is 40.24 meters 20.12 meters long. Each and every tunnels they have marked the tunnel number and distance in miles from Colombo to that tunnel.

There are no other transports between Ohiya and Idalgashinna other than railway. Between the two sides of railway track there are government forest and nothing beyond that. Cannot find any villages also. By walking between these two railway stations is like a dangerous experience.

(Abstraction : Sunday Lankadeepa)

Special thanks to Indika Karunadasa