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Semi Luxury

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Nothing comes to mind to write about. It was a drought to me. Whole day I was searching for something to write. I wondered that it was my fault either my eyes or my mind. Finally I got something which happened two days back when I was travelling to my home town by bus.
It was on Saturday noon. The city of Colombo was covered with bright sunshine. But it was not smooth. Noise, smoke overcome instead of cool and calm. I was in a hurry to go to the bus stand. While I was coming I saw one bus is ready to start its journey. Though it belongs to the CTB, it was not a regular bus which traveled on Colombo Hatton route. It belongs to Kelaniya depot as I saw it was printed as Kelaniya. There was a paper pasted left side of the mirror and it said the journey of the bus which was Colombo to Hatton. I got into the bus as it started its journey. There were no passengers to fill the seats.
While the bus was running conductor started to issue tickets. I should get down from Ginigathena and I asked the ticket at the time I gave money to him. He gave me Rs.195 ticket. Usually I don’t use busses to travel to my hometown and I don’t know the exact bus fare but I realized that this was a much higher price than normal. According to my knowledge it should be less than Rs.150 I had slightly memory in my mind at my last journey by bus. I stayed quiet and watched what the reaction of others was. At the middle of the bus there was an old gentleman exchanged words with the conductor which was not clear. My guess was correct. The conductor has charged the bus fare as Semi Luxury. They didn’t mention it in the board. It was just written in a paper and pasted but not indicate as Semi luxury. Answer is by the conductor was simple and stupid. He said “I am doing my job and I can’t do anything regarding this. This is the bus fare to each city they mentioned to me. (I don’t know who “they” are.)
We know that they are doing their duties but they should mention whether it is Semi or Normal. Then there are no issues or no blood warming for passengers.
The old gentleman and another middle age gentleman got down from the bus against to this while bus was near to Orugodawatta but not me because I needed to end the journey as soon as I could.